Nottingham City Council announce thumb turn locks no longer a selective licensing requirement?

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Nottingham Council drop requirement for thumb turn mortice locks from selective licensing conditions

The Nottingham Selective Licensing Condition 17C relating to the requirement to provide thumb turn mortice locks.

Condition 17. The licence holder shall make sure adequate security arrangements are in place and take reasonable steps to achieve property security by complying with the requirements of paragraphs a) to h) below:

REMOVED >>> g) The main escape route (usually the front door) must be fitted with a thumb turn mortice lock, or equivalent, to five-lever security level. The lock must comply with fire safety requirements in that it shall be openable from the inside without the use of a key. <<<REMOVED

At a packed Selective Licensing meeting David Hobbs – Operations Manager, Nottingham City Council disclosed that legal advice was that the condition should be dropped in view of the recent Hyndburn Case.

The council wanted to introduce this as part of the Selective Licensing conditions but many landlords felt that they were going too far. Concerns were raised by tenants that small children could walk out the house unattended if these locks became mandatory. It seems the council has listened to legal advice and the concerns of tenants and landlords.