Selective Licensing Nottingham | Nottingham City Council releases pictures of bad housing conditions

Selective Licensing Nottingham | Nottingham City Council releases pictures of bad housing conditions

NGalloway was not surprised by the pictures Nottingham City Council released on Friday because we have our own evidence of poor housing conditions in Nottingham.

We exist to help landlords through Selective Licensing and to help the 5% of landlords that want to improve their properties before the council catch them.

Vulnerable people are living in these properties and often have nowhere to turn. The director of NGalloway lived in over 100 places as a child in the childcare system and is passionate about providing opportunities for former care leavers.

“If we can help protect vulnerable people, help landlords and provide opportunities for former care leavers then that can only be a good thing.”

There is a grace period operating at the moment in Nottingham for landlords with 30 or more properties or agents with 120 properties and this will only last for the next couple of months.

Anton Menzies is the head of safer housing, and says at the end of the grace period, his team will begin ‘hunting’ those landlords who are still continuing to operate without a licence.

He said: “95 percent of landlords are good people. The five percent that are letting us down are the ones we will be ruthlessly hunting for. So once the grace period is over, the ones who are ducking this will be the ones who feel the heat.

Despite this Landlords need to register their properties because tenants can still claim their rent back for the whole time the property is not licenced. NGalloway can help landlords that are struggling and a big part of what we do is check compliance.

Many properties that we manage are really high quality but there is a cohort of properties that do not meet the Nottingham standard, deposits are not protected and tenancy agreements are not valid. We are working with landlords to get them up to standard during this grace period.

If you are a landlord that needs help then get in touch with NGalloway 01156972829

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