Norman Galloway Lettings coordinate house move for single mum at risk of homelessness

Norman Galloway Lettings; Nottingham City Council Community Protection and Hope Nottingham Help Prevent Homelessness.

Norman Galloway Lettings

Community Protection Operation Response team- Georgina Caunt, Ryan Pinkett, Keri Peach and Holly Robinson.
Hope Nottingham- Caryn Butler, Darren Allen, Russel and Steve Johnson, Tony, Malcolm Clamant

Norman Galloway Lettings – Diane Bialek (centre left)

The Nottingham City Community Protection team joined a team of volunteers in Sneinton today to help a single mother in desperate need, move home. Diane Bialek, Director at Norman Galloway Lettings told us that they had called Linda Woodings at the council, to explain that this young mother needed help as she had been given notice to leave her home as her landlord was selling for personal reasons.

Linda put things in motion immediately and the response from the council was so overwhelming; they posted a call for volunteers on their internal notice boards and offers came flooding in. Everyone did so well and managed to move this young lady in a single day.

This was a case where the tenant had done nothing wrong whatsoever and the landlord was a good landlord, so we felt she deserved us coming together as a community to help out.

Diane Bialek, Director Norman Galloway Lettings

“This is the best part of my job, making a practical difference where it really matters. Huge thanks go to; Suzanne Coombs of Nottingham City Council, Nigel and Team of Hope Nottingham, and Alex and Team of Community Protection.  This was truly a team effort. Thank You.”

Norman Galloway Lettings had managed to source a property very close by, so the tenant’s young daughter could stay at the same school. They organised for the tenant’s satellite dish and triple wardrobes to be dismantled and be re installed.

Terry Galloway, Director Norman Galloway Lettings

“When I saw the list of volunteer offers come in from the council I started to get emotional knowing that people were showing genuine care for someone they did not even know. It reminded me back in the day of a program called Challenge Anneka”

“Quite often the councils and landlords get a bad name in the private rental sector, but today just shows what can happen when everyone works together.”


Norman Galloway Lettings is a letting agency and property management company in Nottingham. We are a high street agent but also work closely with District and Borough Councils across Nottinghamshire to help prevent homelessness and rough sleeping. We have a sister company Norman Galloway Homes CIC established to provide supported accommodation, tenancy and job readiness training to those requiring move on accommodation and those threatened with homelessness.