Selective Licensing in Nottingham – Your property may not need a licence if its a house share

BREAKING NEWS: If your property is a ‘House share’ you may not need a licence even if it is in a Selective Licensing Area.

There are different types of licences that are required for rented properties and these come under Mandatory and Additional Licencing.

What is a HMO?

A house in multiple occupation is a property rented out by at least 3 people who are not from 1 ‘household’ (eg a family) but share facilities like the bathroom and kitchen. It’s sometimes called a ‘house share’.

Mandatory Licencing is national and covers HMO’s

Unless the council have designated an area to be additional licensing then privately rented houses come under national policy. Meaning you only need a licence if it is a large HMO.

You must have a licence if you’re renting out a large HMO in England or Wales. Your property is defined as a large HMO if all of the following apply:

  • it’s rented to 5 or more people who form more than 1 household
  • it’s at least 3 storeys high
  • tenants share toilet, bathroom or kitchen facilities

In Nottingham there is additional licensing for HMO’s and Selective Licensing and both are completely separate schemes. Therefore the designated area for each scheme is different and in some parts of the city there is no overlap.

Therefore your property could be a HMO in a Selective Licensing area where the additional licensing for HMO’s does not overlap. And your HMO is too small to need a licence under mandatory licensing.

A client who came to us today found that she did not need a licence today! If you are unsure of how to find out or have any questions regarding selective licensing get in touch with us.


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