Nottingham Selective Licensing – Confirmed by Secretary of State

Nottingham Selective Licensing – Confirmed by Secretary of State

Nottingham Selective Licensing Scheme gets the go ahead by the Secretary State for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.
Across Nottingham there will be over 26,000 private rented properties that will be subject to the Selective License Scheme.


Nottingham City Council have been working hard to get this introduced. There was a proposed fee for every property. This is subject to final approval at the Council’s April Executive meeting. Landlords with multiple properties will still have to buy a license for each property.
We have been following the journey of the Selective Licensing Scheme in Nottingham and today’s announcement will feel like a major blow to decent landlords across Nottingham. When we first heard of the Selective Licensing Scheme we felt it was just another way of getting money out of landlords. We were angry.

However now we have had time to calm down and after much research we realise that Tenants in our community are suffering from poor housing and as a result some serious mental and health related issues.

Can you imagine being burgled and your house being ransacked because your landlord had neglected to provide adequate locks and security. The anxiety you would experience knowing that the your house was not very secure and the burglars could come back at any time. The stress and anxiety you would experience as a result would have serious consequences on your health.

Imagine your house being full of mold and your children having to sleep in a cold damp bedroom and them coughing all night and you not being able to do anything about it because you were living in poverty. Or your elderly parent falling over all the time because the house had no handrails.
We support anything that will improve the health of our community.

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