Selective Licensing Nottingham | Rogue landlord fined in Sneinton

A rogue landlord in Sneinton is fined at Nottingham Magistrates court

On August 27th August Shafaqat Ali Sadiq, 41 was found found guilty of harrassing a tenant and illegally evicting him from his property.

The Safer Housing team became aware of the property after the tenant made a complaint which prompted an inspection. They then uncovered the house was being used as an unlicenced HMO.

During the trial Sadiq from Derby argued that he had submitted an application for a HMO but the judge fined him £1750 anyway. The landlord had not protected the tenants deposit.

2018 Nottingham City Council introduced a new licensing scheme for 20,000 landlords and 32,000 properties. Landlords have to complete an online application form which asks if they have a tenancy deposit and how it is protected.

See our blog on how Selective Licensing can catch you out if you have not protected a deposit.

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