Nottingham Selective Licensing applications deadline extended?

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The Nottingham Selective Licensing Scheme Application Deadline has been extended.

David Hobbs, Operations Manager of the Nottingham Selective Licensing Scheme today announced an extension to the applications deadline which comes in on 1st August 2018.

The announcement before a packed crowd of letting agents was welcomed but came with a stern caveat.

In the backdrop of the old Nottingham Council House and exchange built by Thomas Cecil Howitt the city architect responsible for 30,000 social houses in Nottingham. Agents heard that the council were allowed to use discretion and that the council would adopt a policy for portfolio holders where they could have a phased licensing process over 3 months.

Landlords with 30 or more properties could register a 3rd in August, a 3rd in September and a 3rd in October. With applications opening in July this would give those 4 months to complete the process.

The same approach would be taken for letting and managing agents with over 120 properties. But all properties had to be declared by 1st August and properties outside the designation would not count.

However Hobbs warned agents that new rent repayment orders meant tenants could claim rent back for the whole time that a property was not licenced. And that it was a criminal offence not to register by 1st August 2018.

He also confirmed that the council would actively support tenants where they wanted to claim rent back under the rent repayment legalisation from October.

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