Four landlords who breached licensing requirements made subject of Criminal Behaviour Orders

The highest so far fees for failing to comply with Selective Licensing have been issued in Lincolnshire. Council seems to be following up on the announced offence fees.

Jagdish Singh, of Leicester, pleaded guilty to failing to license eight of his properties in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. He was ordered to pay a total of £107,000, with fines of £13,500 per offence.

Singh also pleaded guilty to three offences relating to the failure to comply with improvement notices and fined a further £4,500 for each offence and ordered to pay costs of £2,000.

He was among four landlords who have been fined and ordered to pay costs totalling £232,155, with a total of 15 offences involved.

Gurjit Singh and Balbir Kaur had previously been found guilty for two ‘failure to license’ offences each. They were both fined £15,000 for two offences each and ordered to each pay costs of £1,048, plus £170 surcharge.

Harpal Bindra Singh previously had three ‘failure to license’ offences heard and determined in his absence and was fined £15,000 per offence. He was also found guilty for one failure to comply with an improvement notice and given the maximum £5,000 fine and ordered to pay costs of £1,048, plus £170 surcharge.

Council showed that they will enforce the rules and make sure that the responsible offenders will be brought to justice. These are good news to the tenants as it ensures that the promised improvement of quality housing is coming.

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