Council Tax Exemption in Nottinghamshire | Broxtowe Borough Council exempt care leavers from council tax

BREAKING NEWS: Broxtowe Borough Council exempt care Leaver from council tax to make it 5

When a care leaver is actually working Council Tax is a huge barrier because they are also juggling other household bills, transport and food along with mental health issues as a result of early trauma.


Many non-care experienced young people do not have these barriers. The national average that a child now leaves home in England is 26 years old but care leavers are on their own at 18.


They are then competing in a market place for entry level jobs with others that don’t have these bills. Hopefully it will reduce these barriers and increase the likelihood that these care leavers will go into work rather than sickness and benefits. It is known that the mental health benefits of work are so life changing. I believe we should do all we can to tear down these barriers because we in the community have a responsibility for these who are our children.


Life in this scenario is unsustainable which is why there are 75,000 care leavers in prison and 22,000 living on the streets. Being a care leaver is very challenging without support and the Care Leaver Offer is about putting that support in place.


This has come from my desire as a care leaver to want to work with our councils to prepare our care leavers for a better life after care.  I’m working with all the Districts and Boroughs in Nottinghamshire to create a joint “Care Leaver Offer” and this will cover; health and wellbeing, relationships, education and training, employment, accommodation and participation in society.


In all there are 7 councils where the Council Tax Exemption has to go through to make history.
So far we have achieved it in

Gedling Borough Council, Rushcliffe Borough Council, Bassetlaw District Council, Newark and Sherwood District Council and now Broxtowe District Council.


To go:

Ashfield District Council and Mansfield District Council.

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