Selective Licensing Nottingham | What you need to know about compliance

An introduction to how NGalloway can help you with your proactive management and compliance

As the Nottingham Selective Licensing Scheme gets under way many landlords are getting to grips with the online application form.

NGalloway have been telling landlords all along that the application form is the easy bit. The Nottingham scheme is all about complying with the 35 selective licensing conditions and includes managing the waste and anti-social behaviour at the property.

At any time the council can ask the licence holder for their policy in relation to any of the conditions and they are obligated to provide it within 7 days and if you don’t you risk sanction. In our series of videos we aim to show you more about what you are signing up to when you get a Selective Licence in Nottingham.

This video concentrates on the compliance aspect of the scheme. This is the bit that catches you out when things are going wrong. NGalloway know from the begining and are working with landlords to get them compliant.

Many landlords are stuck between a rock and a hard place because they want to apply for a licence because they know it is a legal requirement. But they know once they apply they are waving a flag to the council to say come and check my compliance.

We are here to help those landlords that maybe worried that they don’t currently comply. We will look at your property, assess the risk and talk to you how you can get on track with current legislation.

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