Our fully managed service has a flat fee of £29 per month and a setup fee of £149 and covers application and compliance with the Selective Licensing conditions. Currently we are not VAT registered so that is all you pay.


Our service includes things that high street agencies provide such as advice and maintenance, rent collection, tenancy agreements and eviction advice and notices. There are all optional but can be included at no extra cost so you can switch over to us for an uninterrupted service.


We anticipate from researching other Selective Licensing areas that landlords will struggle with Anti-Social behaviour, waste management and demonstrating property conditions and compliance. Landlords have struggled in other areas when things go wrong. Councils can demand at any time compliance checks, documents, processes and procedures. If the landlord is not organised then he could be liable to huge fines.

Anti Social Behaviour management

The whole ethos of Selective Licensing started with Anti Social Behaviour and this has remained a focus of councils in scheme areas. As a landlord you are required to investigate, manage create action plans to respond to anti social behaviour issues at your property. We have unique experience in this area and already work with councils.

Property conditions and compliance

Our robust checkin compliance checks and interim inspections are the cornerstone of our service. These are included as part of the package and through these we can monitor the condition of your property and ensure compliance with any demand from the council in accordance with the Selective Licensing Condtions.

Waste management

Waste and grafiti has been a problem in other Selective Licensing areas because landlords are responsible for overflowing bins, rodents, garden and the general appearance of the the properties they rent out and must show that they have clear policies and procedures in place. We include this as part of our managed service.


When you apply for landlord licences you have to inform interested parties of the application. This includes the mortgage company, tenants and others interested parties. The licensing conditions say that notices and information that must be given to tenants during the licence period.

Contract Terms

We have a 12 month minimum term contract and an initial setup fee of £149 to cover consultation, property inspection, digitisation and landlord licence application. After this we have two subscription levels which can be found on our fees page.

Rent Collection

We collect rents for our landlords and hold segregated client money protect accounts. Landlords and tenants receive monthly statements with no obligations to use our maintenance services.

Licence Conditions

Most schemes have upto 40 conditions. Our serivce covers those and more. There are 35 selective licence conditions in Nottingham. But whatever area your property is in we will provide a bespoke landlord licensing package that is tailored and relevant to your area. This ensures you understand what is needed from the very start.

Initial inspection

All our inspections are digital and include 360 photo. We also document and record evidence that all the compliance documents were issued. If you already have a tenant we will inspect the property at the begining to make sure everything is in order.

Interim Inspections

It is a requirement to carry out property inspected at least every months as a minimum standard. Licensing conditions state that a record of the inspection must be kept and available to the council at anytime. We issue the relevant inspection notices on your tenant and carry detailed interim reports.

Tenant References

The licensing conditions say that you must carry out references on all tenants before issuing a new tenancy agreement. We cross check all tenant references and carry out detailed financial checks. This includes guarantors and joint tenants.


We will provide a maintenance reporting service in accordance with the conditions. There must be a clear policy in place for reporting maintenance issues which also includes an out of hour’s service.

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