Nottingham City Council Cabinet meets to agree final Selective Licensing Scheme

On Tuesday 17th April 2018 Nottingham City Council will decide at the cabinet meeting the final Selective Licensing Scheme which is set to be introduced on 1st August 2018. There have been many changes to the scheme which was originally proposed way back in 2016. Already the scheme costs have gone from 21m to 25m.

Now the scheme is real and landlords across Nottingham will be affected when it comes into force on 1st August 2018. Selective Licence areas in Nottingham cover Hempshill Vale, Bulwell, Highbury Vale, Old Basford, Basford, Whitemoor, Sherwood, Mapperly Park, Radford, St Anns, The Park, Sneinton, Lenton, Lenton Abbey, Dunkirk, The Meadows, Wilford and Silverdale.


Gedling Borough council is also introducing Selective Licensing in the ward of Netherfield for over 650 properties in October 2018 and we will be providing details and services for both schemes.


Councils across the UK are introducing the Selective Licensing scheme in order to improve living conditions for tenants. For different Councils participating in the scheme, the conditions vary slightly but the overall landlord responsibilities remain very similar.


There are situations when no fees are necessary so we will also be posting articles on Selective Licence exemptions too.


The Selective Licensing designation has been made and comes into effect on 1st August 2018 in Nottingham. Any private landlord wishing to rent out properties within the designated area must apply for a licence. A separate licence must be obtained for every tenanted house within the designated area.


A landlord’s failure to apply for a licence to rent a property in a designated Selective Licensing area could result in prosecution with the potential of a fine of up to £30,000 and a criminal record.


What does Selective Licensing mean for private Landlords in Nottingham?


In order to acquire a Selective Licence, as the Landlord of a property, you must prove that you are adhering to 38 conditions. These conditions require landlords to achieve certain standards of management and maintenance, helping to bring about better quality housing in Nottingham.

There are severe penalties for non-compliance of the Selective Licence Conditions.

  • The loss of your Selective Licence, or special conditions imposed – making your life as a landlord rather difficult.
  • Fines up to £30,000 per offence – which could become very expensive!
  • Prosecution and a prison sentence and or an unlimited fine and a criminal record – sounds excessive but Councils are taking this extremely seriously.
  • Registered on the National Database of Rogue Landlords – meaning you could struggle to rent a property out in the future.

The council also have the power to levy fines that become attached to the land registry on your property so non-payment would put your property or properties at risk of repossession.


Ngalloway can help you every step of the way.

At NGalloway we can help with your landlord licensing and have developed a range of services with landlords, tenants and property managers in mind.

We can register your Selective Licence for £75 or a HMO for £100 directly with the council.

The Nottingham Selective Licensing Scheme started on 1st August 2018 and the Gedling Borough Council scheme on 1st October 2018.

If you are a landlord and you have not registered for a licence with the council then we can help you. Call us now on 01156972829 or send us your contact details here or email us for a completely confidential discussion.

To learn more about Selective Licensing then why not visit our dedicated pages here or if you know all about that already and you just want to know how much we charge for our services then go here