Leader of the Council issues a direct message to all landlords in Nottingham

Leader of the Council issues a direct message to all landlords in Nottingham


As the Nottingham Selective Licensing Scheme achieved final approval today Councillor Jon Collins Leader of Nottingham City Council sent a message to all Nottingham Landlords. He said “This has been a Labour manifesto pledge for the last two elections and finally we have made it happen” as the meeting came to a close he said “This is a direct message to all landlords in Nottingham, we are committed to working with landlords on this Selective Licensing Scheme. We want open and honest dialog with our landlords for the benefit of our whole city”

At today’s cabinet meeting Councillor Jane Urquhart and the council officers that have been working on the scheme were given unanimous praise for producing a “Good piece of work” as the scheme was finalised “is everyone agreed” all “Agreed” It was a subdued moment and looking across at the council officers they looked on with what looked like relief.

The deputy leader of the council Graham Chapman for the Aspley ward spoke about the effect on property values that poor housing has on capital property values. He said that “if the value of landlords properties increased as a result of the scheme then that would be a good thing.” He added “Although I’m not an expert, I’d expect that the increase in property value would far outweigh the initial cost of the licence to landlords, I’m all for it”

Councillor Dale Liveridge agreed it was a good thing for the city but spoke about his concern for exemptions to the Selective Licensing scheme that were listed in the Housing Act. He mentioned in particular the exemptions afforded to houses being rented to asylum seekers and wondered if this would be an issue, however it was pointed out by officers that Nottingham City Council had no control over what exemptions were in place as part of the Housing Act 2004.

When asked how many inspections would take place as part of the process David Hobbs, Operations Manager for Selective Licensing told councillors they planned to inspect 10% of accredited landlords because they expected those landlords to be at a good level already, but that all other landlords would be risked assessed as part of the selection process. He added that they planned to inspect around 50% of the properties that were not accredited.

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The Nottingham Selective Licensing Scheme started on 1st August 2018 and the Gedling Borough Council scheme on 1st October 2018.

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To learn more about Selective Licensing then why not visit our dedicated pages here or if you know all about that already and you just want to know how much we charge for our services then go here