Landlords will have to buy a licence to rent out properties

Landlords will have to buy a licence to rent out properties

The initiative of the local Councils is taking form since Netherfield is set to be introduced to the Licensing Scheme, each private landlord will end up paying for each of their properties, whatever the Council demands.

Landlords with accreditation will pay £490 while the ones without, £680, they will last 5 years. Around 635 properties will be affected. The goal is to improve the living standards of tenants, but many fear that tenancy fees going up are going to worsen the situation.

Speaking at today’s cabinet meeting at the council’s Civic Centre, he said: “There’s a good chunk of people living in low-quality dwellings all over the county and the country, so I’m particularly pleased to see this coming in”.

“There are properties in Netherfield that have single glazed windows, damp and no central heating and hot water.

“This shouldn’t be tolerated. It is clear that this area needs to be regulated and improvements need to be done.”

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The Nottingham Selective Licensing Scheme started on 1st August 2018 and the Gedling Borough Council scheme on 1st October 2018.

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