Applying for a home with us

The scheme has been introduced across all 7 District and Borough Councils of Nottinghamshire and is aimed at helping those that are at risk of homelessness, are at risk of losing your home, those that maybe at risk of rough sleeping of if you have no settle accommodation.


Propensity to work

We have no targets on getting people into work, but we think this will be a good measure of the success of this project so we will be doing all we can with our partners to help you get into work or sustain your employment.


The application

This form is completely online and it’s better that you use your phone to complete it because you can photograph any id or letters that you may want to provide as part of the application.


We are going to ask you quite a lot of questions including how you came to be in the position that you are in because we need to fully understand your situation before we can make a decision.


Help with this form and 3rd parties

If you need help with this form you can call our office or call into the offices of one of our partners in the housing options or homeless prevention departments at your local council who will help you. For a list of council departments that can help you click here

Honesty is the best policy

This phrase is so important. We understand that you may have struggled in the past. Sometimes things can go wrong and we want to help you get back on your feet and have a successful life but the final decision on whether you can have a place with us will be down to the landlord because it is their property.


The landlord want us to make a recommendation and we can only do that if we can trust you to work with us.


If you tell us that you have caused problems in the past and you give us a reference and they tell us that you have caused problems, we know that you are telling us the truth.


We will then propose a plan that mitigates the risk to our landlords. However if you miss lead us and we find out, we won’t be able to help you because we won’t be able to trust you.


Tenancy Support

As part of our commitment to you and our landlords we may ask you to complete our tenancy training modules as part of our offer to give you a home. 


Modules include budgeting, your rights and responsibilities and managing a home, reporting repairs and Maintenance and work readiness all designed to help you keep your new home.

Education and Training - Step 1 of 21

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